HCP stands for Health Care Products and is your partner for the purchase and distribution of quality brands in Germany and the People's Republic of China

Since 1997 HCP GmbH in Hanover has been successfully committed to health - with a new wholesale business specialising in OTC brands and strong private labels. Like our food supplements of the brand NUTRIMEXX, our high-quality collagen-hyaluron drink ANGEL KISS and the classic in the accompanying therapy for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori: PYLOMED akut.


For German pharmacies and internationally

"Made in Germany" stands for quality and product safety. For HCP, commitment and reliability are essential for long-term and successful cooperation. We feel particularly committed to our distribution partners. Together with strong cooperation partners in the People's Republic of China, we plan and organize the marketing and distribution of German brands locally, from unknown to very successful, in close cooperation with our partners and strictly according to GDP guidelines. We do not compromise on quality! Our product range includes pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements as well as natural cosmetics, health teas and baby products.

Our own brands since 1997

High quality, effective and regional


In recent years, the pharmacy has increasingly developed into a health store, where customers can obtain competent advice, not only on health issues, but also on care products and food supplements.

The health trend towards high-quality branded products, with clear benefits and ethical standards, is at present a fast growing movement, but for our own brands it has always been a basic requirement of our own quality standards.


NUTRIMEXX, a product line of high quality dietary supplements, was created to improve general quality of life. It is aimed at men, women and children in different phases of life. Whether jet lag, vitamin or nutrient deficiency, lactose intolerance, sexual performance enhancement or urination symptoms. NUTRIMEXX was developed especially for the needs of our customers – with selected ingredients, locally produced – for a lifetime.


ANGEL KISS was born out of the desire to develop a new beauty brand in which we also rely on ingredients from German production and a unique recipe. For example, our ANGEL KISS Collagen-Hyaluron-Drink is the first of its kind that is made from blueberries with 3% fruit content and also uses local ingredients as much as possible. In accordance with expert advice, we have increased the collagen content from the usual 3,000mg to over 5,500 mg and hope to have created a small homage to female beauty with this product.

Chronic infections with Helicobacter pylori are a major cause of stomach cancer in many countries, the third most common cause of cancer death worldwide. All patients with H. pylori are therefore advised to undergo H. pylori eradication, which today is usually done with triple therapy. PYLOMED akut contains an inactive Lactobacillus reuteri strain for the dietary management of gastric mucosa inflammation caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. It can specifically bind Helicobacter pylori in the stomach, thus causing it to be excreted, and is excellently suited as an accompanying therapy.

Our product range is continuously being expanded.


With our own brands – for our partners

Since 2015 HCP has been presenting itself, its own brands and selected partner products at German and international trade fairs worldwide. Our marketing team consists of over 30 employees. Our focus is clearly on Asia, especially China, India and Vietnam. Together we support our partners with preparing the product launch, by developing a strategy for product positioning, establishing sales channels, helping with registration and on request, taking over the practical implementation.


Your wish is our command

Pharmacies are constantly being faced with the challenge of bringing their product range into line with customer requirements. From abroad, we tend to receive requests for new, innovative products "Made in Germany". Consultation, reliability and loyalty are therefore among our most important corporate values.

We work closely with selected pharmacies, making inquiries about their needs and are also available to provide advice and assistance with special requests.

We offer wholesalers a special service for the distribution of our own brands. With more than 60 employees we always look after our customers personally. Organic reform houses and specialist stores are also becoming more and more part of our customer base. Please contact us! We look forward to hearing from you!


Then get in touch with us! We look forward to your inquiries and orders!



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